Woodlawn Collective is a partnership of people in the community of Woodlawn, Bronx. Our mission is to provide an inclusive space and amplify the voices of all residents, including those who are marginalized in our community.


We envision an inclusive and diverse neighborhood where all Woodlawn residents and members of the surrounding Bronx communities members are welcomed.


We believe every resident in a community should have a voice, regardless of, but not limited to, age, citizenship status, employment, ethnicity, gender identity, property ownership, race, or sexual identity.

We believe participation in your community should not be tied to membership fees or a specific political affiliation.

We believe by facilitating mindful conversations we can gain a broader perspective on the diverse experiences of our community in order to best understand the needs of all those who reside in Woodlawn.


  • Invite Woodlawn renters to participate in the larger community

  • Facilitate mindful conversations to gain a broader perspective on the diverse experiences of our community

  • Highlight community strengths such as local businesses, natural spaces, public spaces, events and community organizations

  • Advocate for marginalized groups in local and national issues

  • Provide opportunities for social gatherings for the Woodlawn community

  • Coordinate service based events in collaboration with local organizations to address the community‚Äôs needs related to accessibility, aging populations, environment, transportation and more!