Documenting Woodlawn

This project provides the means of documenting incidencts of hate, discrimination, and harassment that often go unreported and threaten the inclusiveness of our community.

Many incidents of discrimination, hate, violence, and harassment occurring in the Woodlawn Heights community do not get reported due to a variety of reasons. Woodlawn Collective plans to address the issue of under-reporting, through a pilot project called Documenting Woodlawn. This project will allow residents to report incidents to the collective. Data from this project will be collected, compiled, and shared with elected officials and local representatives.

This project does not replace submitting official incident reports with local authorities. However, it aims to capture the incidents that do not get reported to the appropriate channels of local enforcement due to distrust, disappointment and misinformation about these institutions and offices. Documenting Woodlawn also will provide and inform the community of the local and city wide resources that can aide dealing with issues related to discrimination, hate, harassment and violence.

Reporting form coming soon!